Sink Clogged

sink clogged

The sink is one of the most important parts of the house. It is where we do hygienic activities such as washing our hands and cleaning our plates. Without it, then our household wouldn’t have an ideal system wherein wastewater can easily exit within your houses premises.

A clogged sink drain is perhaps every family’s worst nightmare. We must remember that there are two recommended methods to solve such a problem.

Sink clogged Method 1:

Use a plunger to drain the sink.

find the correct plunger for the jobThe most important thing that you should about your plunger is the size of its suction cup. Make sure it is big enough to fit on the opening of your hole or else it will be deemed ineffective as water will escape from it, thereby lessening the suctioning effect.

  1. You must first fill the clogged drain with water. The amount of the water depends on the size of your plunger cup; make sure it covers it fully, not letting any air escape.
  2. The rim of the cup of the plunger must be coated with some petroleum jelly in order to allow the seal to tighten once you insert it inside the blocked drain.
  3. If there are any small openings wherein water or air rushes out, make sure you cover them with any wet rags. Doing so will create a sort of vacuum that strengthens the suctioning effect of your plunger.
  4. Pull the plunger forward and backward in order to create the suction. One or two dozen strokes would most likely work.
  5. Repeat the process to your clogged sink drain and check it to see the effects.


Sink clogged Method 2:

Using chemicals to unclog your sink.

Which chemicals to use to unclog your sink

sink clogged chemicals to use to unclog

Before using chemicals, make sure that the drain is not completely blocked. If it is, then you must refrain from using such or else there is the possibility wherein the harmful agents might splash on your skin and harm you physically. Also, it is a must that you do not overuse the chemicals unless you want your pipes to experience severe corroding.


  1. Check your room beforehand and make sure that it is well-ventilated.
  2. Safety first. Wear gloves to protect your hands and face protectors to shield your eyes from any possible chemical sting.
  3. With your bottle of chemicals in hand, make sure that you do not perform any careless mixing in order to avoid unwanted reactions which might not only destroy your pipes but your skin as well. Learn to read labels and make sure that it is the right chemical you are using.
  4. After pouring chemicals on your clogged sink drain, refrain from looking down directly into the drain so that you can avoid any sting or toxic fumes that resulted from the chemical reactions of the agents and whatever it is that is blocking your sink.

So how should we unclog the toilet?

There are lots of methods to fix this problem. You can go to your plumber supply store and speak to one of their sales personnel, and ask them to help you out to decide the best choice for you.

The plumber supply store usually has a wide array of products that you can choose from to suit your declogging needs. If you are unsure as to what to use and how to use it look for one of their sales assistants and they will be more than willing to assist you on this.

But mind you, it is important to try to solve the problem manually first. If they proved futile, then you may use chemical solutions. I would like to emphasize that chemicals should be used as a last resort because they are harsh to the environment. We should try to avoid it as possible as we can.

The first way to unclog a toilet manually is by the use of a plunger.

If using the plunger fails, you can go back and scout for other methods in the plumber supply section. There you could see a wide choice of products that you may find useful and fit your needs and budget. They have what you call a flexible cleaning tool sometimes referred to as a drill that works like a snake.


It follows the contour of your toilet drain pipes to clear the clog. Another product that you may find available in the plumber supply section is a closet auger. This type of declogging tool is the preferred tool of most plumbers for any clogging problem. As to how to use them? Again do not hesitate to ask any of their plumber supply assistants.

If after doing all these things and the clog is still there, you may ask the plumber supply assistant to give you enzymes. However, these enzymes only work for organic wastes and not for hair or any other objects. If the protein does not work, then you can ask for drain cleaning chemicals.

Might be more than the sink that is clogged.

If the problem is still there after all these work, then your question might be more than just a clog. It might be about your plumbing lines. If this happens, then it is now time to call your friendly neighborhood plumber. We do not recommend the average homeowners to deal with this problem by themselves.

In the volatile world, everything is temporary and even during this brief life it has to suffer many problems. As the man has to suffer from different diseases in his life, the machines and other devices have to suffer from mechanical and other faults in their structure.

Like the human diseases, the responsibilities of the tools are also diagnosable and treatable/repairable. The article under study is about the preventive measures, faults, and solutions of the plumbing.

Some faults , preventive measures, and solutions for clogged sinks are as follows:

I would like to suggest to all to arrange the filtration devices in the kitchen sink and bathroom to avoid the greasy matter in the pipes. These devices disallow the greasy stuff to enter in the pipes which cause the clog. Only a meager quantity of this stuff would enter the pipes which are easily flushable and the flow of water in routine disposes of this stuff.

You should dispose of off the greasy matter gathered in the sink and bathroom due to filtration device separately. If you are successful to maintain this habit in no way, the clog may occur in the drain.

If there is drain clog problem in your plumbing, such occurs due to the kitchen sink soap and mixture of hairs and soap in the bathrooms, by flushing this stuff without delay you can avoid the problem and when it has occurred, you should use the plunger and if it is also in vain you can try to remove the clog by using a hard cable.

High-pressure water jetting is also very useful for the removal of clog occurred due to greasy stuff. If you are unsuccessful to remove the clog despite all the above-mentioned ways, you should call a professional plumber having a proper toolkit with him.

Call a professional plumber

In such case, the plumber would use the plumbing snake for removal the clog. A plumbing snake is a tool for removal of the clogs taken place in the plumbing pipes due to the greasy or any other substance.

The plumbing snake is a hard and long cable with the end of one side made for the removal of clog and end of another side so designed that it may be fitted in a drill. In case of a severing clog, the plumbing snake is fitted in the drill and revolved thus the other end easily cut the clog material into pieces thus the removal of the clog is certain.

sink clogged order plumber

sink clogged order plumber

Some time there is not a clog in the drainage, but the disposal of the water is not regular, and main drainage leakage is there, such is due to a small blockage in the main drainage pipe. The reason behind such a blockage is also due to the above mention stuff.

The solution is that you should point out the location of blockage with the available devices/cables etc. and if the blockage is in the reach of your devices, you can remove it. If the blockage is out of reach of your devices, you should call the plumber for the removal of the blockage.